"The migration will be gradual"
17 Dec 2009
Which are the company’s main business lines and how are they positioned within the region?
Eci Telecom basically acts over three main areas: optic networks transportation, fixed broadband access and data networks. Its function is to design, develop, produce, market and provide support for telecommunications digital solutions for voice, data, video and multimedia services. We have our head office in Israel and the main research centers and development in United States, India and China. Regarding Latin America, we are very well positioned and already have offices in Brasil, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica.

Of the three areas that you mentioned, which is the one that shows more potential in the short term?
We are already very advanced in what concerns to optic transport, and I understand that it’s a process that will continue to expand due to its potential. Nevertheless, I am convinced that the essential growth goes through the access area to broadband, due to the fact that there is a higher demand for high speeds. We also see a lot of potential in cable TV companies and strong MSOs, reason why we are offering a very well nourished variety of services that include digital video, HDTV, VOD, high speed Internet, VoIP and TDM voice.

What is your point of view regarding the evolution of the technologies that form part of the telecommunications world and IP based television?
Technologies integration brings out the positioning of the next generation services: voice, data and IP based videos, including IPTV. There is no doubt about it; this will be a slow, gradual transition. Before, TV entertainment and telecommunications were completely different worlds; however, nowadays the global tendency is to integrate technologies and migrate them so that services will form part of a unique package. I understand that available technologies are in condition to provide support for telephonic and television integration over an IP platform.

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